Choreographer, performance artist and modern ballet dancer Gabija Bīriņa is one of the most imaginative and vehement dancers in her generation. Gabija’s passionate and sensual performances has won her acclaim in Latvia and abroad. She studied in Danish National School of Theatre and Contemporary Dance in Copenhagen, as well as have had masterclasses in Paris, New York and Tbilisi. After work in Latvian National ballet company Gabija focused on creation of her original choreographies for several significant concert shows, among them ”Tā nav dzīve, tas ir kino”. As the dancer Ms Bīriņa has collaborated with main Latvian choreographers such as Indra Reinchold in the modern ballet shows, Lilija Lipora in dance theater company’s STARS WELL produced shows and Līga Lasmane dance shows. Ms Bīriņa has participated in different international dance festivals in Turkey, Sweden, Israel and Great Britain.


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